Advancement Award for Beekeeping Project 


Sponsorship award for Bee Project

More than 100,000 bees in the garden 

The Protestant City Mission of Karlsruhe won the "Gesunde Kommune" (sound community) advancement award for its “bees in the city” project. Since this springtime, it has been humming and bumbling in the City Mission’s garden at Stephanienstraße in Karlsruhe as thousands of bees are producing fresh honey here. Except for producing honey, these busy little animals also act as vital pollinators of flowering plants.   

Herbert Bettchen, head of Frommelhaus, and two employees learnt all about keeping bees from apiculturist Marc La Fontaine. Once in two weeks, they check the beehives to ensure the colonies are doing fine. Moreover, they have to determine if the colonies need a mite treatment or have to be fed with sugary syrup. Senior citizens from the residential facilities usually watch and support the hobby -beekeepers as onlookers: “It’s nice to work with the bees“, one resident raves. „I find it exciting to contribute to this project“, says another who has helped building the boxes. He is happy about bees being kept in the city, as these are essential and useful animal, so he says. “However, I don’t want to get too close to them, they do scare me a bit“, he admits.  

The highlight of the year of course is when the honey is harvested: already in the first season, the yield was more than eight kilos of delicious honey.    

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