About us

'Evangelische Stadtmission Karlsruhe' (City Mission Karlsruhe) is a social service funded by the charity network of the German Protestant Church for social work in Karlsruhe.

We have a staff of about 600 and 20 ministries and institutions in various area (plus affiliated institutions). We are one of a Karlsruhe's biggest sponsors of charitable institutions and the market leader for assistance to the elderly in Karlsruhe. Manifesting the Protestant Church in the world, 'Evangelische Stadtmission Karlsruhe' fulfills its charitable calling, helping our country, society, and fellow Christians. It is run as a well-established charitable non-profit organization of the Protestant Church and is thus held in high esteem by all partners.

When cooperating in different projects in Germany and abroad 'Evangelische Stadtmission Karlsruhe' enables all partner ministries to contribute with their own strengths. This creates a win situation for all parties involved.

The only goal of 'Evangelische Stadtmission Karlsruhe' is helping people in need. Our scope is to provide medical care, for example for dementia patients, for handicapped people, to care for mental health and to overcome addictions. We run out-patient and in-patient services as well as day care services.

Besides professional services, 'Evangelische Stadtmission Karlsruhe' also organizes neighborly help services. A large number of volunteers support our professional staff. 'Evangelische Stadtmission Karlsruhe' is also strong in the educational area. We train professionals for working with the elderly, and we run a college for professional housekeepers. Spiritual guidance and interdenominational worshipping are part of our portfolio. They are a living sign for a Christian view of mankind besides the personal care for human beings who are entrusted to our care.

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